We are happy to announce that Prosociate 2.1 is now available for download on our Account Portal. To download the latest release, just login on https://prosociate.com/my-account/.

Install / Upgrade Instruction

1.] De-activate and delete your existing Prosociate.

2.] Install and activate Prosociate 2.1.


  • (UPDATE) Sync the Browsenode IDs with the latest Browsenode IDs from Amazon API
  • (FIX) Variables / Options for variation products are now being marked as “Out of Stock” or being deleted if the option isn’t available on Amazon.
  • (FIX) List Prices not being imported for External / Affiliate products
  • (FIX) Subscription doesn’t work on some products.
  • (FIX) Most Books products doesn’t have any prices.
  • (FIX) All eBooks / Kindle are now imported as ‘External / Affiliate” to prevent checkout isue.
  • (FIX) Post dates of products that are already been imported and scheduled to be posted are being overridden to be posted “now” “today”.
  • (FIX) Apparel, Shoes, Jewelry and MP3Downloads browsenodes for United States.
  • (FIX) eBooks are being deleted on cron update.
  • (FIX) Sale price is not being imported on cron.
  • (FIX) Products aren’t displaying on Sort By Popularity.
  • (FIX) German Accent on Override Product Description are not being saved and displayed properly for PHP < 5.4.
  • (FIX) Min and max price not working for Germany and France country.
  • (FIX) Variation product that is imported as External / Affiliate only imports 1 image.
  • (FIX) Subscription campaigns that only has 5 pages doesn’t import new products.
  • (ADDED) Lawn & Garden browsenode on United States.
  • (ADDED) Option on the Settings > Advanced, that will allow users to check if they want to “fix” the geo-targeting links for their existing affiliate / external products. This is needed because their was this issue where external / affiliate products that are imported prior to 2.0, won’t get the geo-targeting feature.
  • (REMOVED) Checkboxes on all the pages / itempages for Subscription campaign type. Prior to 2.1, there are checkboxes on page 2 – 10 on Subscriptions. The checkboxes are removed because Subscription should import all the products upon creation. If you want to specifically import products, you need to create a Standard campaign.