We’re extremely proud to announce the release of Prosociate 2.0!

After many months of development, Prosociate 2.0 fixes many bugs, adds many small feature enhancements, and adds the following MAIN features to Prosociate:

Geo-Targeting. You can now get commissions from international visitors by sending them to their own international version of Amazon.

Subscriptions & Cron. You can now post a “Subscription” campaign – this will allow you to subscribe to all products for a particular search. For example, to post new bestselling books, search for books and choose to order your results by “best selling” – whenever a new book comes onto the list, it will be automatically posted to your site.

90-Day Cookie. Now even when posting products as External/Affiliate, you can still get a 90 day cookie. Send visitors directly to Amazon, with no on-site cart, and instead of a 24 hour cookie, you’ll get a 90 day cookie!

These features are all designed to make your site more automated, and make more money.

-The Prosociate Team