It’s been exactly one month since we released Prosociate 1.0. Since then we’ve been hard at work listening to customer feedback, fixing bugs, adding some features, and now it is time to release Prosociate 1.1.

Advanced Search

We added an option to only return products fulfilled by Amazon, not a 3rd party merchant.

[imageframe style=”border” bordercolor=”” bordersize=”4px” stylecolor=”” align=””]advsearch[/imageframe]

Editable Product Description

Keeping SEO in mind, we added an option to the Edit Product screen with the ability to edit the description of the product.

[imageframe style=”border” bordercolor=”” bordersize=”4px” stylecolor=”” align=””]description[/imageframe]

Editable Update Time Disclaimer

To better support the creation of non-English language sites, all text controlled by Prosociate now can be translated from the Settings page.

Automatic WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin integration

The WordPress SEO title field will be set to the first 70 characters of the Amazon product title, and the description field to the first 156 characters of the description.

We also added an option to prevent the additional information tab from filling with useless attributes, and an option to automatically post products that can’t be added to the Amazon cart as External/Affiliate products, as well as making a few other minor fixes and enhancements.