To get the maximum amount for your content site when selling it, there are a few things you should do. It is best to prepare at least 30 days before you plan to list the site.

1) Make sure Google Analytics code is installed and working. Google has a getting started with analytics page if you do not currently have an analytics account. This should be done as early as possible as this is your proof of traffic.

Google Analytics

2) Register the website on Google Search Console (formerly know as Google Webmaster) and make sure xml sitemap is processed. Like the analytics page, Google has a getting started with Search Console page. This is your proof of organic traffic and will give you an idea of how your keywords and pages are ranking in Google search.

Google Search Console

3) Track affiliate links. Affiliate links are what you are selling. Unless you are after ad revenue, you only get paid when a link is selected. You should be tracking your links and trying to improve the click rate by improving the call-to-action items like buttons or text links. Amazon does this for you for the Amazon items selected in your content.  Make sure if you multiple affiliate sites that you use a unique tracking ID for each site. Otherwise there is no way to confirm that the site you are selling is the one that generated an Amazon sale.  Use Pretty Links (free) or similar to track link clicks for non-Amazon offers.

4) Do a site audit with Screaming Frog (free for first 500 urls) or similar. Fix any errors like 404’s, 301 loops. or missing Titles or meta descriptions etc. This not only will help fix your on-page SEO items for ranking purposes it shows attention and care of your site. 

Google Search Console

5) Make sure you are in compliance with Amazon and other affiliate program’s Terms of Service

6) If you are selling a revenue generating site you should have financial information. A profit and loss statement at a minimum. This should show your monthly income and expenses over a 12 month period of time. By having clean financial records your buyer will have more confidence in you as a seller, better understand the roi for the purchase and be able to forecast growth and future success. This can be done easily with QuickBooks, Xero, or other accounting software or SaaS service. 

A little planing can give the buyer more confidence in their purchase. This will help improve the price of your sale, provide a safer buyer transaction, and better marketplace. A win, win, win.