Observa Details

Get Paid To: Secret Shopper App

Where to Join: Observa Playstore App, Observa App Store 

Payment Methods: PayPal, Bitcoin

Payment Threshold: $4 — 72-hour payout

Are you looking for a way to earn some extra money as a mystery shopper?

Here is an ideal opportunity to earn some extra bucks — an app called Observa.

Unlike other Get Paid To (GTP) activities like surveys, Observa is not a website.

With Observa you will be visiting stores and taking pictures on your smartphone of specific products, shelves, or doing other kinds of audits.


What is Observa?

Observa is a mystery shopper app. available for Android and Apple IOS. You install on your phone and take pictures or otherwise “observe” products in retail stores.

Companies hire Observa to run campaigns to see how well their products are being displayed and stocked in stores. The service workflow and value proposition are described as  …


Is Observa Legit?

The company was founded in 2015, and it continues to be one of the leading companies in merchandising and product reviewing in the states.

They have over 100k Play Store downloads and a user review rating of 4.5. The Iphone/IOS version also has a very high user rating of 4.3. Those are all great numbers that speak to Observas credibility.

With such a huge and respectable presence on the market, Observa contributes to the overall marketing activities in many cities, while taking care of each customer and each user of the platform.

Oberva is definitely legit.

Observa meets all of our GTP criteria for legitimacy …

  • No payments required
  • No request for personal info like social security number
  • Payout threshold is not high

How Does Observa Work?

Using Observa is very straight-forward.

Once you have an account you will look for opportunities near you. Observa will use your phones GPS to locate you. You can then select one to work on by clicking on “accept”.

Once you start the actual observation you must complete it in 2-hours — or start over.

After you submit your observation it will be reviewed. You will be typically paid with 48 hours.

That’s it.

Some of the recent Observa tasks have been auditing Exxon Mobile stations and Walmart demos. These have paid up to $20 per observation. 

Here is a quick video that will walk you trough the process.

What is the Observa Work Like ?

Observa work is easy and straightforward. The only thing you need is your phone and willingness to be part of the marketing insights.

When you are at the store, it is typically simple to take a photo of a product and send it back to Observa. Just remember you only have two hours to submit the observation once started.

What Does Observa do with your Pictures

Once you photograph the store shelves, watch the demo or perform other tasks, Observa processes that image and returns valuable feedback to their corporate customer. every assignment is slightly different. In many cases they are reviewing things like …

  • Placement and positioning
  • Pricing Accuracy
  • Stock levels
  • Grouping by correct sections

Here is some typical feedback sent to the distributor or manufacturer who commissioned the campaign …


Is there an Observa Community ?

The Observa FaceBook presence has 2600 followers at the moment so not the most active of sites. Mostly it seem to be used for helping users who have issues that are not handled by customer support. I didn’t see much in the way of offer announcements.

How to Join Observa

Joining Observa is simple. You only have to download the app and see further instructions. You will be guided through the whole process, which is why the app is simple to use.

Once you activate the app you will be walked through the simple registration process.

How Much Money Can I Earn with Observa

The observations pay fairly well for GPT type side-hustles. The observations range from $4-$20. Often there will be large chain observation task and you may have many in your geographic area. The most  limiting part of Observa earnings is that there are not always observations available in you area.

Observa earnings will be lumpy. You may go a month or two with just $10-$15 with few observations available. But sometimes you might get $100 when there are many high-paying observations near you.

Observa Pros & Cons


Easy to install and start with money making

Gigs take only 20 minutes on average

You are getting paid within 72 hours

You can earn money or Bitcoin


Gigs available only for USA and Canada

Many gigs are time-limited which requires you to act fast

Shortage of observations available in your area

Bottom Line

Observa is an entirely legit company and a nice change from the survey sites. I can easily see stopping off to do an observations as I go about my daily travels.

The biggest downside isn’t the pay, or observations. It is the lack of projects to work on. Particularly if you live in a rural area.

Though you won’t get rich, you may have some fun. You can earn a bit while you are running errands, and get a nice night out with your family.


What is Observa?

Observa is a platform for people to get paid as secret shoppers.

Is Observa a scam?

No. Totally legit. They pay within 72 hours.

Is this a website?

No. Observa works on your Apple or Android phone or tablet as an app.

How much can you earn?

The observations pay between $4 and $20 each.

What are the observations like?

Typically you will be paid to photograph retail products, store shelves, or watch an in-store demo.