Are you an affiliate and want to earn up to $500 per sign up? It’s easy with Kinsta. Some people are crushing with this affiliate program. You can, too. 

You see, for every single person who signs up for a Kinsta web hosting plan using your affiliate link, you can get great commissions depending on the plan.

Kinsta Affiliate Program

Types of products: Premium WordPress hosting

Where to join: Kinsta Affiliate Page

Commission structure: Tiered bonus plus 10% recurring

Cookie length:  60 Days

Payment Methods: Paypal, ACH

But how do you sign up for their affiliate program?

How can you get huge returns for your efforts?

That’s what you will learn here.

A web host is vital to maintaining an online business presence. It should be a reliable one if you want to build a powerful business or personal website. Kinsta is made on these bases.

From powerful integration with WordPress and a custom dashboard with analytical data, Kinsta is a one-stop-shop for any WordPress hosting need.

Let’s delve deeper and see what Kinsta is all about and how you can make lots of money promoting the company.

About Kinsta

launched in the year 2013, Kinsta was made to help WordPress users get better performing websites. The company offers WordPress hosting services that allow users to control and grow their websites.

They offer top of the tier server configuration and offer some of the best support out there. Quick response is vital in the fast-moving business world. The company assures that all customers are given equal priority as far as support goes.

It has been made to help both creators and e-commerce stores using woo-commerce to scale fast. Your e-commerce site should never go offline due to server failure because that would translate to customer loss. Additional features and functionality are in place to improve the experience of these sites.

Content delivery is also of the essence when it comes to hosting. Kinsta caches the entire page and allows rapid content delivery. That’s yet another reason a lot of WordPress site owners choose to work with Kinsta.

With hundreds of talented employees from across the globe, Kinsta is a remote-first company that helps its large customer base in the most local way possible. Support is offered in 7 native languages. That means people worldwide are viable for their affiliate program.

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. Kinsta is built to help these customers get the most out of their site. It has been created to be independent and bootstrapped from the ground up. Doing this allows them to put their customers’ values first and stay innovative.


Kinsta is not the cheapest plan by any means. It attracts small businesses that use WordPress and who want the highest level of performance.

The pricing starts at $60 per month for 2 WordPress websites and goes up from there.

kinsta pricing

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How to Join the Kinsta Affiliate Program

How do you get started as an affiliate?

It is relatively easy. As mentioned, this program is available in over seven native languages.

Affiliates earn a commission for each customer they bring in. Follow these steps to join the affiliate program.

1. Sign up

You first need to sign up for an account and wait for verification. This is usually a quick process. You will need to input your basic information and a PayPal email for payouts when you hit the threshold.

2. Generate links

Kinsta allows you to generate unlimited unique affiliate links that you can include in your blog, email, or social content. If anyone clicks on this link and purchases one of the plans, you get a commission.

Their cookie period is long. They have 60-days validity. Sometimes, a person can decide to click on your link or banner and leave before making a purchase. If he comes back 60 days later to pick a plan and checkout, you will still earn a commission.   

3. Cash out 

Once you reach $50, you can withdraw your affiliate earnings via the PayPal email you provided. If you check out the Kinsta site, you can see lots of success stories of affiliates making a good portion of their living promoting Kinsta to their clients.

Kinsta Commission Rates and Rules

Kinsta has a signup bonus and a recurring percentage of commission that they give their affiliates. The rule of thumb is an initial bounty payment and 10% lifetime commission on the amount paid by the customer.

Kinsta Affiliate Bounty Payments

  • Starter plan = $50
  • Pro plan = $100
  • Business plan = $150
  • Enterprise plan = $500

After the bonus is paid you will get a 10% monthly commission as well. So Kinsta offers the best of both worlds. A signup bonus and recurring commissions. Perfect!

Sounds a good deal, right?

Now calculate that with about 20 referrals. Don’t you think you will be amassing about $1,000 passive income per month?

How is that?

The trick is getting started and targeting the right people.

Kinta claims to have a low churn rate of 4%, which is true based on the number of awards they have bagged over the years – Check out their site. That’s a good sign for you as an affiliate because you will keep making money while the company offers the best services to their clients.

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Affiliate Tools and Support

Kinsta understands that most affiliate tools are often clunky and sophisticated. The learning curve is enormous, and the systems are often complicated. The end result is it leaves affiliates frustrated and confused.

Hence, the company had to find a way to solve all these issues. Here are some of the tools you have in your domain as an affiliate:

The Kinsta dashboard

It’s user-defined and user-friendly. That makes it reliable and useful to the users. It comes with customized reporting tools to help you stay on track with your affiliate goals and watch your sales grow. The multilingual dashboard allows you to create and track all your custom affiliate links.

Affiliate links

The system that Kinsta uses makes it easy to get links. First, you input the destination you intend to send your customers and then get a custom link that refers back to you as the affiliate. This link helps Kinsta track the individuals who used your link to sign up, thereby ensuring you get a commission.


In the dashboard, you can download banners of all sizes to fit in your content. You can also play along with the colors and the features in each banner. Place the banners in your header, footer, or sidebar section on your website. They will be embedded with your unique affiliate link.

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How to Promote Kinsta Online

You aren’t going to want to try to target “Kinsta” as the keyword. It is very competitive.

Hosting affiliate programs attract super-affiliate marketers with lots of authority and a head start on you. So you won’t have much success just sticking ads on your pages. The better option is to have an SEO content strategy. Have an integrated email marketing campaign. Use targeted landing pages.

With Kinsta you want to focus on customers who need reliable, high-speed, hassle-free WordPress hosting. You probably don’t want to target new Internet marketers or other start-up solo-entrepreneur individuals. They will likely start with a less expensive hosting plan.

Longtail Keywords

As far as SEO keywords it is best to focus on longtail low competition keywords. Consider keywords like ..

  • Kinsta vs. wpEngine
  • Kinsta vs. WPX
  • Kinsta CDN

Should You Become a Kinsta Affiliate?

After reading this, you are definitely no longer green when it comes to the Kinsta affiliate program. You know what to expect and how much you can earn from this program.

If you have professionals setting up websites or other visitors that are most interested in performance and reliability Kinsta is ideal for you.

And if you are still wondering whether or not you should join this program, the advice is to just get started. Why not shove the worries aside, jump in, and see what happens. Testing the waters might take the doubt in your head away.

This is a simple affiliate program to join and remains one of the more lucrative web hosting affiliate programs, thanks to their monthly subscription and low churn rate.

It is always nice to promote best in class products like Kinsta — you are doing a service to your audience.

Try it out today.

Pros and Cons — Kinsta Affiliate Program


The low affiliates learning curve

Quick signup process

Generous support for users and affiliates

Customized affiliate Dashboard

High commission rates of up to $500

High lifetime value based on their low churn rate

Long conversion window


Only one payment method

Expensive for clients with small businesses

Can be competitive


What is Kinsta?

Kinsta is the dominant hosting company for high-performance WordPress hosting.

What is Kinsta's affiliate program commission structure?

Hosting companies tend to either have a large upfront bounty or recurring commissions. Kinsta has both! They pay a large upfront bounty and a recurring commission.

What are the biggest advantages to Kinsta's affiliate program?

Recurring commissions plus bounty. Kinsta's clients have a very low churn rate. Once you send them a customer you can expect many months of commissions.