eJury Details

Get Paid To: Be a mock juror

Where to Join: eJury registration

Payment Methods: Paypal

Payment Threshold: $5

Here is a different kind of Get Paid to (GTP) site. eJury is an online platform for mock trials. A place where an attorney or law firm goes to find a mock jury to test strategies with.

If you are a fan of legal issues  or just want to earn some gas money or pay some bills, then eJury might be a fun place to earn money while participating in the case.

You are mock jurors and it is not the same as actual jury service. Think of it more as a focus group.

There are going to be qualifications and opportunity to take part in a case varies greatly depending on what is available on the eJury website for mock juries. You can’t be convicted of a felony and eJury will need to collect some personal information.

Of course as a GTP type side-hustle you aren’t going to pay the rent with your income from being an eJury juror. But it might be better than the typical survey sites or binge watching your favorite sitcom.

Is eJury legit? Yes. The biggest issue seems to be the amount of eJury invites. Some user claim to have received more real life jury summons than eJury work lol

in this eJury review we will look at what eJury is, how it works, how to qualify and what you will get paid.

Let’s dive in …

What is eJury?

eJury gives an attorney the ability to “pre-try” a case before it actually goes to trial. In the past practicing attorneys would hire large focus groups made of 30 or 50 people to analyze strategies and perform mock trials.This could be time consuming and expensive.

These are typically criminal law cases and cases vary greatly — misdemeanor theft to felony theft or some other legal accusation.

The eJury mock trial panels are a minimum of 50 people where a real courtroom jury is typically 12 people. This gives the lawyers a wider range of information to shape their actual courtroom case.

Once you are involved in the case on eJury, you are part of a working trial. You are a mock-juror.

The eJury business model makes a lot of sense. But are they a legit company?

Is eJury Legit?

eJury provides a valuable service to the legal community that you are a critical part of. Real lawyers are paying for trial research to craft their cases with eJury.

They do ask some personal questions but just enough for demographic information.

eJury is definitely legit.

eJury meets the baseline tests for being legit …

  • They charge no fees.
  • They don’t ask for Social Security number, bank accounts or other sensitive information
  • They don’t have high payout threshold

eJury is not a scam and a good way to make money online if you can get qualified for mock jury selection. It can be interesting to be a part of a trial.

But how does it actually work?

How Does eJury Work?

It is simple to understand eJury platform. After completing the registration process and logging in, you will find cases that you can select to participate in.

Large metropolitan areas will typically have more available cases than rural areas.

Once you select a case to be a part of you will be sent the questionnaire to render your opinion on.

When accepted into a case you start reviewing the case facts and answer the questions. When you are done you hit the  “Submit Verdict” button.

The practicing attorney has preset the number of eJurors they want before the mock-trial is completed. This is typically 50. If you are interested in the final verdict, a case summary is posted for you to see.

How to Join eJury

To join eJury, you must meet certain requirements, answer some questions, and attest to your eligibility. Specifically …

eJury Qualifications

Even though it is a mock-jury, the jury questions for service as an eJuror are very similar to the requirements of actual jurors in the United States.

To qualify as an eJuror, you must: be at least 18 years old, a US citizen, be able to read and write, and of “sound mind and of good moral character”.

You are not eligible if you have a previous felony. You cannot be involved in the legal or related industries such as a paralegal, legal assistant, insurance adjuster, private investigator or otherwise work with attorneys or law firms.

How to Register

When you are ready to start with eJury there are 3 steps to getting registered …

Step 1: Complete the Oath.

The first step is that you take an oath! This is a bit unusual for a GPT site. You  must swear that you…

  • are not a lawyer, legal assistant, paralegal or otherwise a part of the legal community.
  • will not disclose anything discussed during surveys or mock trials to anyone in the legal, investigative and other professions.
  • attest to the identity and demographic information provided
  • acknowledge the terms and conditions

Step 2: Complete the Identity Verification

eJury needs to know you are who you say you are. That you are not working for the competing legal team for instance. They will use public record databases and identity services to verify your identity.


Step 3: Complete the Demographic Profile

eJury trials take place in specific cities and states. The real jurors will be from the same area. The lawyers want the eJury members to be from these same specific areas.

They also may want specific age, income, marital status or other demographic criteria for their research.

How Much Money Can I Make with eJury

eJury cases can be fun to get involved with but they don’t pay much. Typically from $5 to $10 per case.

The attorneys prepare questions and situations for you to render a verdict on typically take < 30 minutes to respond to.

You will aslo need a PayPal account.

Like all GPT side hustles. You want to choose things that you enjoy doing. If it starts to feel like work you probably want to find a more fun GPT site.

Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of eJury.

Pros and Cons — eJury


It offers chances to be part of the real legal cases

It is an entirely user-friendly platform

Quick side-hustle


There are not that many cases available on the website.

Low payout per case

EJury Review Bottom Line

eJury is can be really interesting side-hustle. A fun way of making money online.

The biggest issue is the number of cases and if you are not in an urban area there will be few.

There are other similar companies that you can also try.  Jury-Test pays more, as much as $60 per case, but does not have as many cases. There is also Jury-Test who pays $5 – $50 per mock trial or research brief.

Generally with all of these sites, the more complex and lengthy the time spent reviewing the case,  more you will be paid.

Like most GTP sites eJury does not pay much. But it can be fun.

You become a part of a real working trial. For many this is more interesting than taking random consumer surveys.

I rest my case!


What is eJury?

eJury provides mock trial participants to lawyers who are preparing cases for trial.

Is eJury a scam?

No. They pay on time and work with real lawyers on real trials.

Is this a part-time job?

No. This is a typical Get Paid To (GPT) side-hustle. Best to have fun doing it as the payments are low.

Can anyone be an eJuror?

There are requirements to join -- but no cost. You can't be in the legal industry, you can't have a felony conviction, etc.