Building Amazon and eBay Sites with Prosociate and WooCommerce

One of the cool things about Prosociate is that you get the ability to create eBay and Amazon affiliate products on your website. Amazon is great and converts very well, but eBay is another sales channel that you should take advantage of.

eBay provides another source of revenue but more importantly, it adds value to your customers. You are demonstrating that you are focused on presenting the best product matches in your niche – not just sending them exclusively to Amazon.

The Prosociate eBay plugin works the same as the Amazon product. The primary difference being that eBay has no cart transfer capability. This means all products will be treated by WooCommerce as External/Affiliate. The call to action links (See at eBay etc.) will go directly to eBay.

Like Amazon, eBay has a 24-hour cookie window. eBay commissions are paid based on the profit that eBay receives for a transaction (not the selling price like Amazon). The commission schedule:

eBay Affiliate Commission Rate Card

Setting up Prosociate eBay

To set up the Prosociate eBay version, you install the plugin as you would any other plugin. Go to the Plugin -> add_new menu in your WordPress backend. You will need eBay partner keys to give Prosociate access to the API for searching. eBay has a very quick and easy process to get your keys. They even have a handy getting started guide at


There are three steps to get your eBay keys. First, visit the eBay Partner Network site at


There you will join the program and get your campaign ID.


Next, you will need an App ID:


Finally, you will create your key set:

Prosociate will need the Campaign ID and the App ID to search and post products. These are entered in Prosociate eBay -> settings.

It is a very straightforward process. eBay requires no site reviews at this time. If you have any difficulties just go to the getting started with API tutorial that eBay provides.

Are you still just offering Amazon products? Remember the eBay module is included for all Prosociate users. If you purchased Prosociate before we added the eBay module, just open a support ticket. We will send you Prosociate eBay at no charge. There is no reason to not add eBay products to your affiliate site. It is a key benefit to your Prosociate license. Your customers have access to a wider range of niche specific products. You earn more trust from them. And you have an extra revenue source. A win-win if there ever was one.

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