Digistore24 is the new kid on the block for affiliate marketers who are looking for digital products to represent. Though they are one of Europe’s largest partner networks they are new to the US market.

Digistore24 is an affiliate marketing platform of digital and physical products and a solid option for your affiliate marketing business. These are some of the more profitable evergreen niches like:

  • Plugins
  • Fonts
  • Templates
  • Training Courses 
  • E-books

Additionally they promote physical products like nutritional supplements that will be useful for affiliate marketing in the health and fitness niche.

The main marketplaces for these products have historically been a large affiliate network like: ClickBank, JV-Zoo and Warrior Plus. Digistore24 is a European company that was founded in 2012 and is very new to the US market.

Many affiliate networks in these niches, like ClickBank, always feel a bit scammy. Warrior Plus is a good example of this and I am reluctant to send traffic to them for fear of alienating my audience. They really give affiliate marketers in the Internet Marketing online business industry a bad name with all of the junk products.

Digistore24 is an affiliate marketing network feels much more mainstream and just “cleaner” than other affiliate networks.

Let’s take a closer look …

Digitalstore24 Affiliate Marketplace

Types of products: Broad range of downloadable products

Where to join: registration page merchant and affiliates

Commission structure: Merchant Specific

Cookie length: 180 days

Payment Methods: Paypal, ACH direct deposit, International wire

Payment Terms: Net 30,  paid on the 1st and 17th of each month

 I am a big fan of downloadable type product market segment for a number of reasons:

  • They tend to have high margins. Which makes sense since there is no manufacturing costs as physical goods would have.
  • They can often be impulse buys for consumers.
  • They are an attractive market for affiliates to learn about and make their own products.
  • They can have a good conversion rate if you warm the prospect

You can be both an affiliate and a merchant if you have your own products. The fees for qualified partners are very reasonable at 7.9% of the gross sales price. For an online marketplace this is very reasonable. There payment system is very flexible and allow your buyers to pay with PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, as well as bank transfers.

They seem to be very supportive of their affiliate partners though I have online looked at the product listing form, cross sells and other capabilities.

Creating an Account

Signing up was easy and seemed automatic. Just head over to the registration page and fill in the basic information.  I was approved immediately. It is completely free to join as an affiliate or influencer. There do not seem to be any initial affiliate traffic requirements.

For international affiliates it can be difficult to join affiliate networks that are US-based. Digistore24 is one of the best affiliate networks  for smaller non-US affiliate marketers in these niches with an easier approval process.

Once you register and confirm the email you are able to login and have access to your dashboard and other account features. You will be required to confirm your telephone to get payouts of your affiliate commissions.

The user dashboard is a combined dashboard for both any products that you are selling on Digistore24 and your affiliate transaction. A nice feature is the ability to create a custom dashboard. So if you are only an affiliate you can easily remove the clutter of vendor information.

Payment is via  the common payment methods: Paypal, bank transfer or Payoneer. They let you choose your payout frequency from weekly to monthly and have the usual hold-back period to account for any returns.

Another nice capability of Digistore24 is the reporting and other business processes. It is very robust and you can easily see which merchants are performing best for you. Included in the reporting is:

  • Transactions
  • Commissions
  • Payouts
  • Analytics
  • Clicks


Digital24 reporting

Some additional features of the user dashboard include:

  • Support for multiple currencies
  • Robust Fraud Protection
  • Joint Venture support
  • Download Vaults
  • License Keys
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Analytics


Go to our affiliate programs page for more program reviews.

digital24 offer


Digistore24 certainly does not have the sheer number of merchants looking for affiliates that ClickBank or JV-Zoo have. But they are neatly organized by vertical category. These are almost all CPA marketing (cost per action) affiliate programs. You get paid for making a sale. The categories with the most products include:

  • Business & Investing — 50
  • Fitness and Health — 65
  • Hobby and Handicraft — 30
  • Internet Marketing — 30
  • Personal Development — 33
  • Social Media — 20
Digital24 Account


Digistore24 is great with email support. I dropped them a note to clarify cookie lengths and I had a reply within a few hours.

There are quick start guides for affiliates to help you be successful. These include how to:

  • Find money making partners for your niche
  • Best use affiliate links
  • Making the most of tracking

For consumers Digistore24 has a strong customer satisfaction reputation with a 4.7 Trust Pilot score which is very high for this type of affiliate network. JV-Zoo for instance has a score of 3.7 and Warrior Plus for instance has a terrible score of 1.7.

Some specific positive reviews include:

good responsive service

good responsive service. A withdrawal from my side was take care about in a professional manner.

Good support

I faced an issue with a licence I bought through their platform.
They interacted with the author of the software and solved the issue.

I needed support with my bills and the…

I needed support with my bills and the support-team helped me really quickly and was super friendly!

Promoting with Digistore24

Most people will use SEO (search engine optimization) and content management to drive traffic to their niche website. But you certainly can start promoting with landing pages or other types of affiliate channels.

Check out or affiliate marketing without a website article if you area new affiliate and interested in alternatives to your own website like video marketing, landing pages, paid advertising, Facebook page, email marketing, etc.

This is not passive income you will need to be creating content to drive SEO traffic. Ideally you have a multi-channel approach to the products that you are representing. Don’t expect to just send cold traffic to the product or service provider sales page and get lots of conversions.

The sales processes can be slightly different for these products. Top affiliates in this space understand how to make money online with these types of products. They create email campaigns, PPC ad campaigns, landing pages and generally provide a great deal of information about the product before trying to convert the customer. They know to choose and affiliate program that resonates with their audience. Notthe one with the highest conversion rate.

Unlike say Amazon or Ebay’s partner network, you want to warm the lead before presenting the purchase offer. The prospect is purchasing based on your recommendation more than the affiliate offer marketplace.

Your sales volume may be lower than selling physical products, but ultimately your affiliate business can make more money per transaction with Digistore24 than at Amazon.




Digistore24 is a legit affiliate network primarily for digital products. They had over $250 million in transactions in 2019 so they are not a fly-by-night operation. They have a good track record of payments and have some quality products. Digistore24 can definitely help you create a successful online business.

They may not have tens of thousands of products like Clickbank but the ones they have are more legitimate. Small affiliate networks like Digistore 4 are going to be able to give you more support and attention.

I will be promoting a few of these and update this post with actual transaction and conversion success.

It is nice to see fewer junk products than the ClickBanks of the world and worth exploring as a merchant of digital products or an affiliate. Digistore24 has a good chance of becoming one of the tbest affiliate networks for any online retailer or affiliate marketer.

If you sell digital products you should definitely consider Digistore24.

We also have a full review on the other players in this niche:


Does Digistore24 charge publishers a fee to join?

No Digistore24 is free to affiliates, publishers and bloggers.

How are commissions paid to affiliates?

You can select to have weekly, bi-weekly or monthly disbursements.

What is the affiliate window cookie period?

Digistore24 has a 180 day cookie that is last touched attribution.

What are Digistore24 creator policies?

Vendors pay 7.9% of the purchase price as a listing fee. There are one-click upsells and cross sells. There is a strong analytics component.

Does Digistore24 have a US office?

Yes. Though they are headquartered in Germany they have an office in St. Petersburg and are expanding to the US.