Grammarly Features
Grammarly is the premier grammar, punctuation and plagiarism checker. It is used by:
* Bloggers
* Content marketers
* Copywriters
* Students
* Academics
* Business Writers
* Authors
* and more …

Do you Need a Grammar Checker?
Quality is a reflection of you and your site
Nothing turns of a reader more than poorly written content or content with spelling and grammar mistakes. It is disrespectful to the reader and your entire site is branded as a low quality unprofessional destination.
Communicating your ideas
Tools like Grammarly do more than find spelling mistakes. In addition to grammar and spelling checks, your content will be checked for many problems with your content including readability, misuse of vocabulary, tone and voice problems, plagiarism and more.
For many writers you will see the same recurring issues. Not only will problems be identified, you will be informed why your copy is wrong. Grammarly will simply make you a better writer.
The best part is that Grammarly has a very capable free version that will correct your spelling and major grammar issues.

Free Grammarly Features
The free version is a powerful tool that every blogger can use. It is much more powerful than most word processing spellcheckers checking spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
Mistakes are underlined in red to easily find them in your copy. Simply right-click on them and suggestions are presented.
As capable as the free tool is, the premium version takes the grammar checking to an entirely new level.

Grammarly Premium Pro Features
Grammarly Premium adds many features to the free version. In addition to the spell checking and Grammar checks in the free version, the Pro version will also check for:
* Overuse of words
* Run-on sentences
* Inconsistent writing
* Passive Voice
* Structure problems
* Inappropriate tone
* Vocabulary suggestions
* Writing styles per genre
* Readability
* Plagiarism
There is a free trial of the Premium version so there really is no reason to checkout the extra features. A good SEO strategy is always to update your old content. Why not give the Grammarly trial a try and go through your old posts?

How is Grammarly distributed?
There are a number of ways that Grammarly can be used. There is a Grammarly web tool, Windows and Mac application, Microsoft Word integration and Chrome extensions.
Grammarly Web Tool
The fastest way to check out Grammarly or for people who write very infrequently is to use the Grammarly web tool.
You can copy and paste your text into the text box on the website. Grammarly will also let you upload a text file if that is easier. You can even just type directly into the text box. Most frequent writers will prefer to have Grammarly available as they write. There are a few ways to do this.
Desktop Application
If you write offline on your Mac or Windows computer there is a desktop application you can install. This will let you use Grammarly offline without Internet access.
Microsoft Word
If you use Microsoft Word on Windows you can use directly as you are writing. A MAC version will hopefully be available soon.
Smart phone
For iOS and Android phones and tablets Grammarly has a custom keyboard available at the Play Store or App Store. If auto-correct and fat-finger mistakes in your email and texting drive you crazy this is a great solution. It even has a strong auto-suggestion capability to speed up your writing.
Chrome extension
For content marketers and bloggers the best way to use Grammarly is as a Chrome extension. This will allow you to have access to all of Grammarly’s content checking while you are using Chrome. From creating a post in WordPress to designing an email campaign, Grammarly will be there to improve your writing.

Grammarly Pro Pricing
The current price for Grammarly Premium is:
* $11.66 a month when you pay annually ($139.95 in total)
* $19.98 a month when you pay quarterly
* $29.95 a month when you pay monthly.
(There is also a Grammarly Business option which costs $15 per user per month when billed annually. This provides you with everything included in Grammarly Premium with the addition of an admin panel, statistics for your team, etc.).

Grammarly Alternatives

Ginger —
Ginger offers a free Chrome extension that performs grammar and spell check. They also have an IOS and Android keyboard. The premium version offers 40 languages and nice features like a sentence rephraser.  The premium product is competitively priced at:

Monthly — $20.97
Annual — $89.88 (one payment)
Two Year — $159.84 (one payment)

Whitesmoke —
Whitesmoke is very affordable with frequent sales. They online have annual plans but work with most browsers as well as having an integration for Windows and Mac. The annual pricing is:

$59.99 Web-based
$79.95 Windows, Mac and browsers.
$137.95 Business Users

ProWriting Aid —
ProWritingAid bills themselves as a grammar checker, style editor and writing mentor. They have a free Chrome extension version as well as a premium version. Like Whitesmoke the pricing terms for ProWritingAid is 1-year or longer. But they are very affordable.
1-year — $79
2-year — $109
3-year — $149
Lifetime — $299

Is Grammarly Pro Worth It?
Everyone should be at least using the free Grammarly version. It is a no-brainer. The Grammarly premium version is a key tool for many bloggers and writers. If you want to improve your writing without hiring an editor or proofreader Gramamrly is a great way to go. If you are hiring writers being able to check theeir copy for mistakes, tone and plagarism in one tool is a big time saver.
A grammar checker will help you communicate better and more professionally. It is hard to unring the bell of publishing sloppy content with grammar and spelling errors. Give the free trial a try, you have nothing to lose and much to gain.