We have launched our new affiliate platform – Rapisite. Over the years of selling plugins and themes for affiliate marketers, we noticed our customers often had similar issues:

  1. WordPress Complexity
  2. Niche and keyword selection
  3. High startup costs
  4. Hosting chalenges
  5. SEO and content marketing needs

We have created Rapisite to allow affiliates to ramp faster and be more successful – all for a low monthly cost. What do you get with Rapisite:

  • Pre-researched niche with keyword report
  • All plugins and themes provided
  • Full provisioned web site ready for content
  • Monthly SEO reports and recommendations
  • Hosting on a high performance SSD server
  • Optional writing and design services

Rapisite starts at $49/mo and includes everything you need to build your affiliate site. No plugins to buy, no expensive pre-made site that may or may not rank. Cancel anytime. You simply select a niche and a theme. We will have your site built in 24 hours – ready for content. We won’t even ask for PayPal or credit card until you review the site.

Check us out today!