101 Affiliate Marketing Website Examples – From Amazon to YouTube Plus Affiliate Income Reports


Types of Affiliate Sites

Affiliate niche sites come in many shapes and sizes. Some affiliates choose to use video as there delivery vehicle. Many use Amazon products but we also highlight a number of ClickBank affiliates. We also detail a number of income reports. Income reports give visibility to a profitable affiliates income stream. How much from ads? How much from affiliate marketing? Do they have their own ebooks or other products? You may be surprised at the diversity of income that many affiliates actually have. We will make this an evergrenn report and add to it as we discover more sites that we feel may be of interest to you.

Rather than simply provide a single long list we broke the report up into 10 sections plus the income reports:

  • Big Sites — These sites have staffs of people working for them. Often they are owned by large corporations.
  • Amazon Product Niche — The backbone of the affiliate marketplace, these are where many start their affiliate journey
  • Personal Blogs, guides and how to sites — Bloggers who have affiliate products.
  • ClickBank Sites — Typically health and finance focused sites.
  • Video Affiliates — Youtube affiliate channels that sell affiliate products.
  • Authority and Multi-silo sites — These sites cover many related niches in one site.
  • Services, Software and Internet Marketing Products — Life beyond Amazon these sites represent software, saas products, hosting and more.
  • Travel Sites — Travel is something we all dream of.
  • Finance –– Money, Money, Money.
  • Health & Beauty — A very popular category
  • Income Reports — See details of how others make money with their sites.

So here is our big list of 101 affiliate sites and income reports to get you motivated.

Large Corporate Affiliate SItes

Sites in this group are backed by large staffs and budgets. This may be your long-term goal and you can use these sites to see details of how pages that convert are set up. The authors are professional writers and they likely ab test their call to action buttons and perform other conversion rate optimization techniques. Be careful when reviewing these sites for acceptable Amazon and other compliance issues as they likely have operating agreements that are different from a basic Associates. From an SEO standpoint, you will not be able to outrank these sites in a head-to-head article for search results page. This is why I am Broke is often viewed as a Pinterest styled site that can be easily replicated. It is difficult. They had their start with viral Reddit activity. The SEO challenges of a similar site are formidable. Wirecutter is now owned by the New York Times. Kayak and Skyscanner are huge airline affiliate sites. So best to learn from these companies and look for gaps in their coverage rather than go head to head with them.

Amazon Niche

These are the typical site most people think of when they envision an affiliate site. Typically focused on a fairly narrow niche so that they can rank in search results. These sites can give you a good idea of the right size niche to work with. The designs are very flat and straightforward. They are easy to deploy and a great way to start your affiliate journey. These niche sites are the perfect first step as an affiliate marketer.

Personal Blogs Guides

Personal blogs and guides that are monetized by affiliate commisions have some distinct advantages. First, they don’t feel like affiliate sites. There is more engagement with the audience. There is more trust built between the visitor and blogger. They also can use Facebook and Pinterest more effectively. These types of sites have longevity – the create a personal connection with the audience.


Clickbank typically focuses on relationships, health, and finance though there are many other product types. These sites and offerings do often feel too “slick” for my taste but there are many people who are attracted to these offers. Be careful integrating Clickbank affiliate offerings with your personal blogs. Be sure that you are offering products that are solid and a good fit for your audience.


Representing affiliate products via video is a great idea. You have much less competition for search results. People love videos but they do require some onscreen and production talent. Often these type of offerings and videos can be a supplement to your website rather than your exclusive channel.

Authority Sites

Authority sites are the next step up the ladder from a niche site. Really just a collection of related niches. You have the advantage of having more credibility with both your visitors and Google. Often niche site affiliate marketers will grow into an authority site. A good reason to not be too specific with your niche site domain name when you start out.

Services, Internet Marketing & Software

Hosting companies and software products pay some of the best commissions. These sites need less traffic to generate similar revenue. Of course, the trust factor with Amazon is a given. With these sites, you need to use your expertise to build trust with your audience to get conversions.


Everyone travels – or wants to. Even arm-chair travelers will read travel blogs and dream of their next getaway. General travel sites are difficult to rank against. There are many large travel companies that will be on page one for most travel-related searches. You need to find a niche within the travel industry.

Health & Beauty

You only get one body. People are always interested in ways to improve their health and longevity. The August 2018 Google update hit these sites hard from an SEO perspective. The update targeted YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) sites. These sites include diet, nutrition and medical device niches.

Finance Sites

Show me the money! Financial sites from credit card offers to retirement planning will always do well and many of the products you can represent have large payouts. Like the health sites, the latest Google SEO update was a challenge for many of these sites. The most important thing to do is have a clear and demonstrable level of expertise and trust. Google refers to this as  E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust).

Traffic and Income Reports

I love these. We were careful to include online trusted authors. More than the actual numbers the types of income streams can be very educational. I am a big believer in having a rich-mix of revenue sources. Amazon is a great affiliate partner but no reason to put all your eggs in one basket.


As you can see there are many styles of websites. The Amazon niche sites are the easiest to deploy and with planning can grow into a larger authority site. If you are looking to build a community the blog and guide style provide many opportunities to bond with your audience via social media channels. You can add videos as an additional channel for your affiliate offerings to any of the sites. At Prosociate we have done-for-you services, writing services, and many other offerings for affiliates. One of the biggest advantages of affiliate marketing over other online business models is the very low cost to start up your new business. The biggest step is to take action!

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