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A Step By Step Guide To Building a

Content-Based Business

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Affiliate Marketing with SEO — 2021

Have you noticed that most of the online reviews of products you read contain affiliate links in them? Every time anyone buys a product with those links someone is getting a commission.

How do people get to the reviews … often they arrive from Google Search.

Create great content that solves problems and Google will send traffic to you. The pages contain affiliate links and display ads. Your content is making money. No products to inventory, support to provide or returns to deal with. But …


First, The Truth.

Most people who try affiliate marketing make little or no money.

Content marketing with revenue from affiliate sales and advertising is a long game that requires hard work and patience

If you’re looking to “make easy money without any work” — DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK.

But having said that, affiliate marketing is … ridiculously SIMPLE — let’s take a look.

Affiliate Marketing & Content-Based Websites

The great thing about a content-based business is that anyone can do it. But there are many other advantages:

  • There is no inventory to buy.
  • You don’t need an ad budget to generate traffic.
  • You also don’t deal with shipping buyer support.

If you can write your own content or have a budget to hire writers you are ready to go. Everything else; the mechanics of setting up a site, finding affiliate programs, using SEO to drive traffic from search … that’s in the book.

What You’re Getting

This is very different from anything you’ve ever read because it’s more than a book. It’s a step by step guide with all of the knowledge you need to be succesful.

There in no fluff, no up-sells, no expenses course offerings.

It immediately gets down to business, showing you exactly what to do and how to do it. 

You will receive your book in PDF, Kindle and Epub formats for maximum convenience.


But There’s Much More

Along with the book you will receive access to an entire library of Affiliate Marketing templates, plugins and themes to build your content-based affiliate website. Including …

Premium WordPress Plugins

  • Updraft plus premium
  • Ithemes security
  • Divi Table Maker
  • Backup Buddy
  • Astra pro
  • Schema pro
  • Elementor Addons
  • Divi Booster
  • Generate Press Premium
  • Gpspress Shortcodes
  • Really Simple SSL Pro
  • Seed Pro 404
  • Seed Pro notification bar
  • Seed Pro coming soon
  • Seed Pro countdown timer
  • Seed Pro viral giveaway
  • Seed Pro youtube pro
  • Themify announcement bar
  • YITH live chat
  • Yoast Premium SEO
  • yoast video

Premium WordPress Themes

  • Divi
  • Astra
  • Neve
  • Marketify
  • inreview

Total Value of over $1000!

listical template
comparison template
review template

You Will Even GET a Pre-Built Website 

Just install WordPress and UpdraftPlus which is in your resource center.

Then with just a few clicks you will have a complete website properly and fully configured. The website includes:

  • Optimal WordPress Configuration
  • SEO optimized including topics and internal linking
  • Divi premium theme
  • Premium plugins installed
  • Review, Listicle, Pillar Page and other Template
  • FTC and Amazon Disclaimers
  • Privacy and other core pages

A website ready for your content.

Page and Post Templates

Having a properly configured WordPress site, that is SEO optimized, is critical for getting your content found and recommended by Google.

But what’s more important?

Having great content to find.

Content is your product and you need to create a rich set of articles that provide the best information for Google search users.

You need landing pages to direct your email and other offers to. You need reviews and other “money pages” and you also want guides and other long-form content.

We include in your affiliate center are content templates to help you develop a body of work on your topic.

Take a look:

  • Pillar Page — A landing page for topic clusters
  • Review Post — Often your primary “money page” for a product
  • Landing Page — Present your offer and value proposition.
  • Listicle Post — Great for covering briefs of many products
  • vs. Post — Product X vs. Product Y great Keyword targets

Save Hundreds and hit the ground running.

So Let’s Review

With your $49 $29.50 1-time purchase you will receive …

300+ PAGE BOOK with a step by step guide to building a content site that is monetized with affiliate commissions.

Over 15 PREMIUM PLUGINS selected for content marketers.


PREBUILT SITE ready to upload to your WordPress Installation.


Resource Center Lifetime Access.

Limited Time Offer

In addition to the sale price, a bonus for new purchases is the Affiliate Marketing Resource Center is a lifetime access pass. It is normally an annual membership.

There are no subscriptions or sneaky renewals this is a one-time purchase.

You will always have access to the latest version of the book and other resources with this limited-time Lifetime Access.

This Is Truly A Limited Offer So Claim Your Lifetime Access Before It Expires

tldr Icon

Of course lot’s of people skip straight to the bottom to find out how much something costs and generally, “what’s the deal”. So here is the offer …

  • A 300 page book that outlines all of the skills and techniques you need to use to create a succesful content site that makes money with affiliate and advertising income.
  • You also get lifetime access to our Affiliate Resource Center with pre-built websites, custom templates and a curated set of premium plugins and premium themes for affiliate and content marketing.
  • The book and lifetime access to the resource center is $29.50.

This is a limited time offer with the Affiliate Resource Center normally an annual membership site..

There is no “catch” to this offer. You will not be signing up for any monthly subscriptions or any other renewals.

It is a one time purchase.

There are no up-sells to an expensive course or other products.

Claim your copy and lifetime access now. You won’t regret it.

Want a Hard Copy of the Book?

With this instant delivery offer you will receive the book in both PDF form (suitable for printing pages as needed) and Kindle as well as Epub format for desktop other book readers.

The hardcopy of the book can be purchased separately at Amazon.

Plugin and Theme Licensing

All WordPress Plugins and themes in the Affiliate Resource Center are true originals (no modifications, not nulled, no malware) obtained from the respective developers and are redistributed legally under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

We do keep these up to date though usually wait 30-days to be sure there are no new release issues. The updates will be in the Affiliate Resource area that comes with your book purchase.

If you use a plugin or theme in your business you should strongly consider purchasing a license from the vendor. You will then receive support and automatic updates.