Intro by Louis

I decided it would be helpful to customers to profile the most successful users of Prosociate.

While it’s hard to get most to share any details of their success, a few were kind enough to share some tips. Robin “V” earned $500+ in December with Prosociate & Amazon’s affiliate program.



The 8.64% conversion rate is one reason I love Amazon’s affiliate program so much. While this is a combination of also having very targeted traffic, finding other merchants that can convert anywhere close to almost 9% is almost unheard of.

Enter Robin…

My name is Robin and I am an Internet Marketer from Germany. Although I am not doing this for such a long time I still managed it to dig for some useful information regarding Amazon affiliate sites. If you are already familiar with building affiliate sites you probably know some tweaks to increase the CTR or your SERP, but I still use some methods which are useful to get a higher income.

Prosociate is an insanely useful tool to get more visitors and manage your WordPress affiliate sites with little effort. Some months ago I needed to create a single page for every product, copied images, product description and the price by hand and had to keep everything up to date so I will not violate Amazon’s TOS. As I stumbled over Prosociate I asked Louis whether his plugin would be able to update the prices automatically and he answered that it does so.

From this point I was enthusiastic and still am because it is so much less work to keep everything correct and add a bunch of products. I could just browse through the Amazon categories while staying inside my WordPress admin panel, no need to copy-paste anything. Prosociate keeps everything organized and I also add around 50-200 products within some minutes. Not only that potential visitors/buyers have more options, there is also a larger possibility to be found by them as you are ranking for more products = keywords! In theory you would not need to optimize any onpage or offpage things and still get more visitors only due to Prosociate. I realized that while setting up a page some days ago, within less than two weeks after setting up everything I am already getting ~100 unique visitors per day although I only built around ten basic links.

Links are an important topic for me. I stopped trying to find a “100 percent working, Google safe” link package as this does not exist anymore in our time. Previous sites got busted and slapped the crap out of them because Google became better detecting black hat links within some days or weeks. I started two other things: Building my own networks and checking for guest posts. Building a network always sounds pretty expensive as many people suggest buying a bunch of domains and managing everything by hand with regular updates. This might work, but it is still not worth the effort if you want to push up a site up the SERPs which could bring you a maximum of 300 bucks per month. I found a tool to create and manage Web 2.0 sites like WordPress, Tumblr, Edublogs and a dozen others, which is called FCSNetworker. There are also other tools but this one has a reasonable monthly fee, a working account creator and a support as fast as Louis, the creator of Prosociate. A big plus is that you could schedule postings and letting it insert links automatically. So what I do is creating my WordPress site, letting Prosociate create a bunch of products, batch copying all links of my page and then importing them into FCSNetworker. Now it will post your links to high-quality authority sites on autopilot.

Another great tip is to organize all your products in fitting categories. Imagine someone searching for a vacuum cleaner, he will probably not search for a general one but a Dyson model because he heard that those ones are cool and of high quality. If you let Prosociate put all models by Dyson into a so-named category and insert a description of a couple hundred words (about the brand or the cleaners themselves), Google will rank this page higher, guaranteed. No need for creating thousands of links as your category page for Dyson already contains a matching title, a large description and at least ten to twenty relevant links (the products). This all looks so legit that visitors are more tempted to click a model and buy it.

My last tip (not giving away too many ones, I need to earn some bucks myself!) for everyone is to create YouTube videos for products which are popular on Amazon. You could just check which are by entering a specific category within Prosociate and letting it sort by popularity. Now you get many products which are rated pretty well and sell even better. Wouldn’t it be cool to get a dozen or even hundreds of sells per month if you just created a YouTube video? I always make a video running 2 minutes maximum with Sony Vegas (there are free alternatives which are also good to create stunning films with no effort), upload it, insert a matching title and description and link to my product or category page created by Prosociate. Some of you might think that you could easily link to Amazon directly instead, but I heard that YouTube often deletes such direct linking. Plus, it looks much more legitimate if you are linking to a high-quality shop. Visitors could read additional information there and you get a free backlink from a trusted source (YouTube is owned by Google, so videos hosted there rank way faster within the SERPs) and could increase your revenue.

With all those tweaks and methods I achieved earnings of €420 (~$570) within the last month. No need to buy expensive link packages, no need to hire an agency to create all those pages and a nice-looking shop for you. I just needed to buy a domain, do a keyword research and put every product into a fitting category where visitors are searching for. Trust me; Prosociate will be one of your best friends if you want to make a fortune with Amazon. I could not work without it anymore, it saves a ton of time every week and I could create a trusted page within an hour or two.

Best of luck on your journey to more affiliate earnings,


More From Robin…

I am working for a health insurance and I am into internet marketing for some months now, I have tested lots of programs, software and websites to earn money on the internet. It is always hard to achieve a steady income with the internet only but within the past weeks I found a pretty useful plugin for WordPress. This one is called Prosociate and it is a no-brainer basically. After you set up your site you could easily start and earn money – as long as you have patience. You will not become rich overnight and nobody will help you earn millions of $ for some bucks, but so far this plugin became one of my favorite WordPress plugins which is a steal for its price.

Let us start from the beginning. I wanted to become more independent and wanted some extra cash. Within the first days, I was just setting up a website dealing with car tuning and added some information I already knew and researched a bit more. The problem was that I did not research whether people even wanted to know anything about the specific topic I wrote thousands of words on different pages about. I even tried to monetize it with AdSense because I did not know any other monetization methods on the internet so far (I was just gaming and blocking all types of ads in my browser – so I only knew AdSense). Later on, I became better and discovered that Google was providing a tool to research how many people were interested in a specific topic (Google Keyword Tool, now known as Google Keyword Planner). I was one of those people who were not interested in any help files and just thought that I could understand everything from the beginning. Some days later I knew that I was wrong because I just searched for a broad keyword which had a handful exact search a month in total – making it impossible to monetize it for a beginner like me.

That is where I started to dig deeper and discovered two well-known marketing boards, Blackhatworld and Warrior Forum, both well known for people who are into marketing for some time. In the meantime I found a more profitable keyword which had different variations and a huge search volume (around 20000 splitted into 20 keywords) and a low competition, which I checked by searching for the keywords and analyzing the first results. Most of them were just generic and not even optimized for the specific keyword. I thought that I had to add lots of content and made around 40 pages with different products on each page by hand. Trust me, you cannot do this the whole day and get pissed very easily as you are repeating a lot. This is the point where I also stumbled upon the Amazon affiliate network and linked each product to Amazon by hand. As I did not want to get into danger I checked the prices every other day so I did not get banned by Amazon. By the time the first bucks for my hard work were rolling in, but the core problem was that I had my main job and could not work on my site the whole day. The side point was that I had to create thousands of pages per month to replace the income I got at the insurance company.

One day I was browsing the Warrior Forum for helpful information regarding Amazon affiliate sites and found one thread by Louis, the creator of this plugin. He was announcing a plugin for WordPress which could search for Amazon products and adds the selected ones automatically, in addition to it I asked Louis whether his new baby could update the prices automatically or not, he replied positively. This was the point where I surfed his site and bought the plugin immediately. I set up two new sites in other niches and updated my first affiliate site with his plugin, now I did not need to copy price, product description and images by hand anymore! Just by running a campaign I could add up to 100 products in a batch within an eye-blink! Another pro was that Prosociate itself detects if a product is available or not.

Long story short, within a few weeks I have built up a new site nearly every week because adding new products and keeping them up to date is so easily and one could also add his own reviews for products if he wants to. I would advise Prosociate to everyone who wants to start working with Amazon or already does so. It takes away a lot of the painful work and you can focus on adding high-quality content and building up excellent backlinks for your pages. In the past I was so busy adding new products by hand every week that I could not add many links either – which took me away from my goal: earning my own money on the internet. Last month I made around €420 which is $570 roughly, which is not that bad for one or two hours of work every day, isn’t it? Imagine doing this for some months. Due to Prosociate the pages already set up only need a minimum level of maintenance and you can set up new ones when required. Within the next months I want to scale up my income and try to earn more than my boss, only by sitting in front of my pc and doing what I love – internet marketing.

Just some tips for you beginners so your pages rank better on Google: You should always start with a well-done keyword research. This is essential; if you fail at finding a good and easy niche you will not make any money at all. Look for keyword sets which have a total of 5000 monthly searches at least and are not dominated by other niche sites already. You should also get paid hosting account as the free ones are too slow, they have ads enabled sometimes and your visitors will leave before they even saw what your page is about. I do not recommend any provider but would advise you to check the two forums I mentioned within the third paragraph to get an idea which provider has a good connection, some useful extras and excellent support (trust me, you will need it sometimes). WordPress is a useful tool and has lots of plugins to customize it, I always go with the following ones in addition to Prosociate: WordPress SEO by Yoast (easily change pages and category titles and description, it is essential to customize them so they are displayed well within the Google search results), Antispam Bee (too keep the spambots busy and my sites clean), Broken Link Checker (so my visitors and Google do not experience 404 pages), Jetpack (to check my visitor count) and WP Super Cache (to reduce loading times). Just try to make the page good-looking by using a simple and slight theme and optimize the user experience. Does Amazon have a layout full of images, renders and other useless crap? No. Neither does your page. Your visitors want to buy something, if they are looking for entertainment, they will watch TV or probably check YouTube.

My last advice for you: You should rather take action than reading tons of texts every day. This is where most people fail; they are not taking action and then start to blame others for their fails. Do not give up if your first page will not bring you dozens of bucks every month – maybe your visitors are not looking to buy something. Prosociate will make it easy to get new content on your page, the rest belongs to yourself and as long as you keep dedicated and check for new tweaks, you will succeed sooner or later. Best of luck!